Troy Collins

(1969 - present)


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Troy Collins

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Mastering the truest form of impressionistic art by pouring his heart onto canvas, Troy's vision and faith have danced with color and technique, gracing galleries and homes nationwide.

A native of Montana, Troy Collins called Idaho home for twelve years during an intensive painting apprenticeship in the studio of master artist, Robert Moore. “I have spent many hours studying and painting with Robert on location and in the studio, and it is this wealth of knowledge and experience that forms my landscape oil paintings today.”

Residing in Hamilton, Montana, Troy creates canvases with energy and insight from his studio nestled in the middle of the Bitterroot Mountain Range. As a nationally renowned artist, Troy’s paintings now grace the halls of the Pentagon, the US Ambassador to the UK’s home, as well as many other locations throughout the United States.

Troy’s style of painting, which focuses on both vibrant color and the effect that light and shadow have on his subject, truly allows him creative license to produce a visual experience that is undeniable as it captures each viewer’s soul. The experience encourages the viewer to connect with color, texture, and design in an intimate way, which is completely unique and unforgettable. “My goal as an artist is to move a person to experience a flood of powerful emotions; to feel the energy that flows through me as I put brush to canvas; to convey my love of art and to passionately captivate and inspire.”