Tricia Higgins-Hurt

(1931 - present)


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Tricia Higgins-Hurt

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Tricia Higgins Hurt is the second generation niece of Taos painter Victor Higgins, co-founder of the Taos Society of Artists. It was he who inspired Hurt to pursue art after giving her the first set of crayons and suggesting she throw away her coloring book.

Hurt was raised in Charlottesville, Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia where she was one of the first women to be admitted. At that time there were no art studies, so she enrolled in art through the teachers college. She graduated in 1952 and thereafter became a plein-air landscape painter in the modernist style.

In 1951, she married fellow student Bob Hurt and they first lived in Philadelphia where she took studio classes from local landscape painter Edward Lis. In 1962, Tricia Higgins Hurt established her studio, Tricia Hurt Studio where she sold her art as well as a wide variety of artist’s materials and oil paintings.
In 1968, she and her family moved to Boston, and Hurt attended the Worcester Art Museum School and on weekends painted at Rockport and Gloucester. In 1970, she and her family moved to the Washington DC area, and she taught in her home studio for twelve years.

In 1983 Hurt went to Taos, where she had first visited her uncle in 1947. There she felt at home as a painter, loving the brightness and the variety of the colors, and she and her husband began spending several months out of each year there, although they ultimately settled in Aiken, South Carolina.

Working in oil for the past forty years, Higgins Hurt’s paintings are described today by collectors and gallery owners as high energy landscapes – somewhat stylized, yet not too far from reality. “My landscapes are conceived on location and the subjects are identifiable places, but back in the studio eclectic and sometimes surreal colors take over and the paintings emerge as a unique blend of traditional and contemporary art.”

Tricia Higgins Hurt is the only living relative of the late Victor Higgins who is painting professionally. Her work is avidly collected both nationally and internationally, including United States and Foreign dignitaries.