Tom Darro

(1946 - present)


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“I painted from the time I was a young boy. When they broke out the crayons and the paper, I was right there. I spent a lot of time in my father’s studio, watching him work. He let me be around, because I wanted to be around. He was a fine religious illustrator and helped me a lot, so I was fairly proficient by the time I was in my teens.”

Tom Darro (1946-Present) Son of an artist and opera singer, he painted from his childhood days in Chicago. After high school, he went to New York City, then enlisted in the Navy Air Corp before moving to the West Coast.

In Los Angeles, he studied with Glen Villpu and Harry Carmean at the Los Angeles Art Center. A turning point in his career was finding a model, later his wife, who was three-fourths Mexican and one-part Indian.

These multi-racial types became typical subject matter although the marriage ended. He spent a period working in his father’s studio in Chicago and then settled in Scottsdale, Arizona.