Sam Wisnom

(1927 - present)


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Wisnom is known for both his painting and sculpture.

Tucson artist, Sam Wisnom is throwback to the halcyon days of classic art school training. Having studied at the legendary Art Center School of Design (as it was called then) in Los Angeles – after using his GI Bill proceeds to study at San Jose State in northern California – Wisnom was hired right out of Art Center in New York by the prestigious Cooper Studio, doing everything from magazine covers to ad illustrations. This was an era of true, deadline based “commercial” art and as Wisnom remembers, “You did everything and anything you could to keep going. It was stressful at times, but it’s what I do so choices are made.”

Wisnom and his wife Dody loved the West and it’s call was simply too strong so they packed up and moved to an area near Tucson and never looked back. That was 1966 and Sam Wisnom has had a successful career as a “portrayer” of the people and ways of the West ever since.