Rhonda Vickers

(1943 - present)


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Rhonda Vickers

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Although best known for her bronze likenesses, Rhonda really enjoys creating whimsical pieces with her trademark titles and her marvelous legends.

“I believe you are born with it, but you have to learn and work at it”

As a budding artist, young Rhonda began drawing on everything within reach and, often, out of bounds. Such early promise was recognized and encouraged by family and teachers throughout Rhonda’s under-graduate schooling. Naturally, she declared a fine arts major in college, yet was never entirely satisfied by her own work in painting and drawing.

It was not until she was married and a mother of two that Rhonda was introduced to the world of sculpture. Her sister-in-law invited Rhonda to join her in a sculpting class at the Art Institute in Wichita, Kansas, and it was love at first touch.

Clay was the medium Rhonda knew to be her own. Rhonda moved with her husband Tommy to Denver, Colorado, in 1984 and spent the years working and studying with George Lundeen, “my mentor,” Lincoln Fox, “the best communicator I know,” and others. Tommy surprised her one year by having one of her clay sculptures bronzed; it was a buxom woman holding two large jugs, entitled “Prized Jugs”. Her husband’s gesture dramatically redirected Rhonda to a whole new level.

Rhonda continued making bronzes, occasionally taking classes at the Scottsdale Art School, and becoming more skilled and refined in her work. Today, she lives in Castle Rock, Colorado and works in her home-studio/gallery. She works with many different subject matters, “people, animals – it’s all fun”. Some of Rhonda’s pieces are the result of her wry sense of humor, with a whimsical flair, and others are more serious. She has works in numerous private collections and has been commissioned by the likes of the University of Colorado, The Broadmoor Hotel, golfer Arnold Palmer and even Mikhail Gorbachev.