Patsy Davis

(1964 - present)


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Patsy Davis

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Patsy Davis has been an artist all her life. Dogs, horses, birds ... anything wild she could get to follow her home were the subjects of her drawing and sculpture from the time she could hold a crayon.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in the mid seventies she worked as an Industrial Designer for over 25 years.

Particularly known for her dog sculpture, she also developed hundreds of giftware and toy lines including “My Little Pony” for Hasbro Toys, as well as product lines for many major companies; among them Warner Bros. and Disney.

Today she brings her years of experience and artistic focus back to the animals she loves. Sculpting almost 100% from life, her work in bronze reflects many years of discipline and attention to detail.

“The anatomy and realistic details are just tools to bring life and texture to the sculpture.” More important are the stories her sculptures tell, the sense of movement and most of all a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the animals she portrays. In 1996 Patsy moved to Southwest Colorado. It is here that she spends most of her time sculpting, surrounded by horses, mules, dogs and cats.