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Norma Tapscott

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When I was young I spent my free time sketching and drawing, then later my interest was in architecture

Art has always been in Norma Jean Tapscott’s heart and now that she is in the autumn of her years, she has found the medium to really express herself. Her journey began when she was watching a neighbor, who is a sculptor, move the clay to create his vision; she was hooked. He gave Norma ten pounds of clay and told her to just do it, and so she did. Norma was not prepared with tools so she used what was in her kitchen drawer, a shrimp deveiner and a paring knife; she still uses them today.

Norma’s pieces are figurative, showing the human form in a more natural setting where there is some kind of motion or movement. She never knows what the piece will look like when it’s finished and is surprised by every work. Yet it feels to her as if she has known them, or someone like them, in that familiar way; Norma’s hope is to convey that same feeling to the viewer.