Nancy Chaboun

(1954 - present )


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Nancy Chaboun

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Whether it is a figure or still life, artist Nancy Chaboun captures an instant in her paintings that endures through time and in the heart.

Chaboun paints her figurative works quickly with broad brush strokes that define and juxtapose the figure and the background. Her still lifes of finely rendered treasured objects have a different tone all together. In her quest to give her oils eternal life, her fruits and vegetables best emote through her superb attention to texture.

Educated at Arizona State University and Instituto Allende of Mexico, Nancy Chaboun has been distinguished in one museum show, and many one-person shows. Although any subject is fair target, she feels most inspired by people, painting small, intimate “portraits” of thoughts and emotions. Nancy recently won the Best of Show at the 1996 Scottsdale Artist School juried show. Her works are in collections throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East.