John Tayson

(1956 - present)


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John Tayson

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If ever a man was predestined to be an artist, it's John Tayson. Born in Chicago in 1956, the son of commercial and fine artist Lyle Tayson, John’s aptitude for art was soon evident.

By the age of 13, Tayson had finished his first portrait in oils. Encouraged by his father, he continued honing his artistic skills through his school years. After graduation, his enlistment to the Merchant Marines provided him the opportunity to see and sketch the world; as well as to develop his unique voice and style as an artist.

After a few years at sea, he returned to his family who were now living in a cabin on the Colorado Wyoming border. There he grew a deep appreciation for the American West and wildlife that has become the subject of much of his work. He also began working closely with his father, fine-tuning his technique and becoming proficient in a wide array of media. Through his career, his subject matter has encompassed both North American and African wildlife, mountain landscapes; Plains Indian encampments and activities; and loose impressionistic portraits of ethnic peoples.

Some of John’s major commissioners include Unicover Corp’s First-Day Covers; the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra; and the AKTA Lakota Sioux Museum in South Dakota for whom he completed two large murals as well as the oil painting ”Hear Me My Chief” which was used for a series of limited- edition signed prints.