Jean Pierre Stauffer

(1927 - 1994)


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Jean Pierre Stauffer

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Drawing from the Barbizon School of Impressionists, though with a contemporary style uniquely his, Jean-Pierre Stauffer presents to his viewer oil paintings which exude a mood of serenity and quietude. Giving scrupulous attention to detail with a careful arrangement of light and dark values, Stauffer immediately brings to mind the 19th Century artist Corot. His light-filled canvases transport his audience into the harmonious compositions.

Stauffer’s canvases are three-part compositions with a horizontal emphasis. A vast sky with blended colors, horizons without boundaries and a final area of tightly constructed elements achieved by zones of shade and light provide an exciting variation of movement to his favorite subjects — Provence, Bretagne, scenes on the Loire, and the English landscape.

Born in Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland in 1927, Stauffer’s earliest training came at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts; later he studied lithography at Lausanne. From 1973 to his passing, he resided at Provence. His works have been exhibited at Aubonne, Switzerland, in Paris, and at C. G. Rein Galleries in the United States.