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Carol Swinney

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"I strive to capture the essence of the moment and the colors, textures and light created by nature. I find the palette knife the ideal tool to achieve the variety of textures and depth that I find in painting landscapes."

Wyoming artist Carol Swinney paints with a palette knife instead of a brush for many reasons. “I love texture, and love to see a lot of paint on the canvas. A painting knife gives rich colors and amazing depth, like you’re sculpting a painting”, she says. “Contrast, composition and lighting capture my attention while on location so I paint when colors are rich and light is more dramatic.” Swinney prefers to paint on location at such places as Rocky Mountain National Park in CO, the mountains near Tucson, AZ or the Grand Teton Mountains in WY.

“My paintings are meant to be shared with the viewer and reflect my love and deep concern for the welfare of our wildlife and the beauty of the landscape around me. I believe portraying nature through art is an important way of documenting a vanishing resource for future generations to enjoy”.