Bill Inman

(1966 - present)


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“I strive for such excellence as will leave the collector without regret and consequently allow the subtleties and nuances of the painting to surface over time for the heightened enjoyment of the viewer, enhancing the intrinsic worth of the painting.” - Bill Inman

Inman’s father was an artist and as such, he exposed to the art world from a young age. This exposure fostered an on-going thirst for knowledge on many levels. All aspects of a broad variety of visual medium have been skillfully studied: painting, printmaking, sculpture, illustration, graphic design and photography, as well as art history.

Inman’s color and design sense were begun under Kesler Woodward at the University of Alaska. Intensive study in painting, drawing, illustration, color and design were continued under Leon Parson at Rick’s College in Rexburg, Idaho. However, Inman’s most influential instructor at Rick’s College was Arlo Coles (a good friend of Sergei Bongart) who ignited a passion for French and Russian Impressionist imagery and techniques. These influences on the landscape artist helped him combine the French and Russian qualities and mold them with his own personal style of color and depth, pulling the viewer into the landscapes.

Having started as an en plein air painter Inman soon realized his preference was for studio work producing paintings that do not have any photographic resemblance. Inman wants as little detail as possible to convey an image but wants to concentrate on each element in his paintings. His desire is for the viewer to experience the same original enthusiasm that he experienced upon his first encounter with the subject matter. Gardens burst with colors of stately hollyhocks and fragrant roses. They are just within reach for the viewer. Inman stops painting detail when he believes that he has achieved the naturalism and emotive response he is seeking. One’s eye completes the story started with brush and pigment.

Inman has exhibited consistently since 1983 when he was a Congressional Art Award recipient. This was a huge honor as only one artist from each state was selected for an exhibition that toured the Capital. In 1999 he was one of the featured artists in the Southwest Art Magazine “Artists to Watch” special section. He is in national and international collections too numerous to list.