The Tradition Continues

(1979 – present)

Broadmoor Galleries, one of Colorado’s premier art venues, can be found nestled in the Rocky Mountains at the prestigious Five-Star Broadmoor Resort.  The galleries enjoy two locations, one emphasizing Traditional Art and the other focusing on Western, Wildlife and Sporting works.  With over 100 artists, both spaces showcase variety of styles and medium, from modern takes on traditional themes to timelessly elegant masterpieces.

We recently added several new artists and constantly have an eye towards artists we believe are of quality, value and provide an aesthetic addition to our canon of artists.  From 2013 Bob Kuhn award winner Pete Zaluzec and his exquisite trompe l’oeil wildlife photographs, uniquely presented on Japanese fiber paper to 2010′s Cowgirl Up Governor’s Award winner Carol Swinney and her inviting plein air palette knife pieces that are sculpted as much as they are painted, or the intricate art vessels of 2014 American Woman Artists award winner Carol Alleman, whose poetry is evident in every vessel.  Look for these new Broadmoor Galleries artists: Carol Alleman, Bill Churchill, Lindsay Dawson, Greg Kelsey, Susan Kliewer, Robin Laws, James Moore, Greg Packard, Pokey Park, Pauline Roche, Mark Rubin, Bill and Renee Shisler, Carol Swinney, Margery Torrey, Kent Ullberg, Seth Winegar and Pete Zaluzec

Broadmoor Galleries Western Wildlife and Sporting collection features pre-eminent artists within the genre from distinguished wildlife artist Bonnie Marris, fresh from participating in the Autry Museum’s Masters of the American West to recent Cowboy Artists of America president, sculptor Bill Nebeker.  Artists that not only continue the rich history of representational Western Art, upholding the traditions and integrity of the American way, but they also helped to redefine our understanding of it.  Another Masters of the American West artist, Bruce Cheever’s sacred treatment of Western ephemera elevates the banal and celebrates the objects that personify a culture, as in “The Showman,” a detailed oil painting of Buffalo Bill Cody’s saddle, an image that conveys the vastness, ruggedness and way of life in the West, as well as the man and the legend.   You will also find the work of modern old world master Benjamin Wu and his classic treatment of the American settlers; bordering on photorealism yet still maintaining a painterly softness, Wu compels the viewer with compositionally harmonious images that mesmerize the soul and spirit.